Infinite Campus Parent/Student Portal


  • Schoology Schoology is a social media-type interface where teachers can post assignments, class documents, resources, and calendar events for upcoming projects. It can also serve as a digital extension of the classroom, enabling online discussion of course content, submission of assignments, and more. Schoology is used by students in grades 6-12 (and some 4th and 5th grade students).


  • Seesaw Seesaw is a platform that PreK-3 (and some 4th and 5th grade) students can use to showcase what they’re learning and doing at school with their families. Students can add voice recordings, photos, videos, drawings, notes and much more. Families can see all of this, connecting them to their child’s classroom.

Titan School Solutions (Lunch Account)

iPad Handbook and Resources

  • To learn more about district-issued iPads for all students, please read the iPad Family Handbook or check out our iPad Student Resources on our iPads for All page by clicking on the images below.

  • iPads for All (1:1)
  • iPad Student Resources