Strategic Plan

  • During the 2021-22 school year, Lakeville Area Schools launched a comprehensive strategic planning process. The overall process and strategic plan was created with input from Lakeville Area Schools students, staff, families and community members focused on future system-wide improvements to improve outcomes for students. 

    The District used a process called “classroom to boardroom,” which resulted in a comprehensive system-wide strategic plan developed from the grassroots (classroom) level and up (School Board). The strategic plan includes development of clear descriptions of the Desired Daily Experience for students, families and staff. Based on input from students, staff and families last fall, descriptions of the Desired Daily Experience were drafted. More than 250 stakeholders participated in the focus groups and the data provided resulted in a Desired Daily Experience draft that secondary students and all Lakeville Area School families and staff had the opportunity to provide feedback on in January 2022.

    At its Regular Meeting on April 26, the Board of Education approved the Strategic Roadmap as presented by Assistant Superintendent Dr. Emily McDonald. 

Strategic Roadmap

  • Strategic Roadmap for Lakeville Area Schools

Strategic Planning Process

  • The development of the District's new strategic plan was based around robust stakeholder involvement which included students, staff, families and the Lakeville area community. This process included a look at historical information as well as what is happening in Lakeville Area Schools classrooms today. 

  • January 2022 - Input Collected from Students, Parents/Guardians and Staff

  • February 2022 - Revised Draft Presented to the Strategic Planning Team

  • March/April 2022 - Lakeville Area Schools Stakeholders Invited to Review the Draft Strategic Roadmap

  • April 26, 2022 - Board of Education Approves Strategic Roadmap

  • Looking Ahead