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Lakeville Area AVID students and staff celebrate achievements at 2023 AVID Awards Ceremony

May 18, 2023

Collage of students and staff at 2023 AVID Awards Ceremony

On Wednesday, May 17, AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) students and their families, AVID staff, district administrators and the Board of Education came together for the 2023 AVID Awards Ceremony. The AVID Awards Ceremony recognizes the many accomplishments our grade 7-12 AVID students have made throughout the school year, recognizing graduating seniors, AVID scholarship recipients and AVID award winners. 

“Within the AVID family, this year’s students embody the true essence of dedication, perseverance, and growth,” said Lydia Lindsoe, Director of Equity Services.    

The graduating class of 2023 includes 27 AVID seniors, all of whom have been accepted into at least one college and 23 of whom are first-generation college students in their families. 12 graduating seniors received college scholarships through the AVID Scholarship program. Congratulations to the following AVID Scholarship recipients.

Academic Scholarship, for students with an exceptional academic record: Xavier Carrera (LSHS), Vegas Grinager (LSHS), Mia Lau (LNHS), and Matu Mogaka (LNHS)

Impact Scholarship, for students who have made a remarkable impact on the community through leadership and community service: Valery Baltazar Ontiveros (LSHS), Gabi Brotzel (LNHS), Jason Chen (LNHS), Anh Pham (LSHS), Tony Pich (LSHS) and Garett Wilson (LNHS) 

Legacy Scholarship, for students who demonstrate the AVID spirit–individual determination, positive impact on others and academic excellence: Michael Rosas Ceronio (LSHS) and Autumn Ruff (LNHS) 

“Our graduating seniors’ unwavering determination, passion, and growth throughout their time here at Lakeville Area Schools have shaped them into the remarkable leaders and change-makers they are today. As they step into the next phase of their lives, let us celebrate their achievements and believe their limitless potential will shape a brighter future for us all,” said Lindsoe.

Thank you to the following donors who supported the 2023 scholarships: Schmitty & Sons Bus Company, Kohlnhofer Agency, Dave and Kathy Singstock, and Paul Haglund and Co

Awards presented at the ceremony include the highest GPA in each grade level per building and the AVID All-Star Award for students that exemplify what AVID is all about. Congratulations to the following AVID award recipients.

Highest GPA Award

  • Grade 7: Zeke Pearson (KTMS) and Laura Lin (MMS)

  • Grade 8: Sophie O’Brien (KTMS) and Olivia Larscheid (MMS)

  • Grade 9: Ishrak Chowdhury (LNHS), Chloe Krinkie (LSHS) and Amna Shouab (LSHS)

  • Grade 10: Heaven Ketema (LNHS), Doosha Amanuel (LSHS) and Luis Avila (ALC)

  • Grade 11: Kylie Glassen (LNHS) and Iris Jimenez (LSHS)

  • Grade 12: Autumn Ruff (LNHS) and Tony Pich (LSHS)

AVID All-Star Award

  • Grade 7: Itzel Osorio (KTMS) and Mellissa Omari (MMS)

  • Grade 8: Marisol Languren Chilpe (KTMS) and Aspen Strong (MMS)

  • Grade 9: Vivianna Garner (LNHS), Addyson Kennedy (LNHS) and Andrea Mejia Rodas (LSHS)

  • Grade 10: Jerry Chen (LNHS), Zubaidah Mohamed (LSHS), Alinne Jimenez (LSHS) and Riley Graham (ALC)

  • Grade 11: Zuhoor Gurase (LNHS), Jenny Yom (LSHS) and Emily Baltazar Ontiveros (LSHS)

  • Grade 12: Afton Heidemann (LNHS) and Xavier Carrera (LSHS)

Congratulations to all Lakeville Area Schools AVID students on their hard work and accomplishments. 

Thank you to the District's Equity Services department and all the AVID teachers, tutors, advisors and coordinators, as well as District administrators and the Board of Education, for supporting the AVID program at Lakeville Area Schools over the past 15 years.