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District Completes Solar Panel Installation at Four Schools

September 30, 2022

Solar panels on McGuire Middle SchoolThe last of four solar arrays installed on top of schools in Lakeville Area Schools have been installed and gone live, generating clean, green, renewable energy. The solar arrays on top of McGuire Middle School and John F. Kennedy Elementary went live this summer. The final array to pass inspections and go live was on top of Lakeville North High School on September 23. Lake Marion Elementary was the very first school in the district to begin generating solar energy in December 2021, achieving the vision of 11 elementary students who made a presentation about going solar to the Board of Education in 2017

Solar Panels on top of John F Kennedy ElementaryWith all four solar arrays now generating clean energy, Lakeville Area Schools is now saving money while lowering its carbon footprint. Energy generated by the panels goes to Xcel Energy’s power grid and offsets the energy typically used by each school. In return, the District receives credits to its energy bill. With all four sites live, the District is projected to save more than $50,000 a year.

Money saved on the District’s energy bill can go back into its operating budget to assist in other projects and energy-saving opportunities.

The solar panels were installed by iDeal Energies. The business will maintain the panels for 20 years as part of its contracted partnership with the District. After that point, the District takes full ownership of the solar panels and will get even larger credit amounts with a projected single-year saving of around $434,000.

Solar Panels on Lakeville North High School    solar panels on Lake Marion Elementary