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Eastview Elementary Art and STEM Departments Team Up to Create EVE Arts & STEM Club

May 12, 2022

LVE 5th-grade students posing with completed pillow projects

In April 2022, Eastview Elementary’s (EVE) art and STEM departments created the EVE Arts & STEM Club, wanting to show students how the two subjects can intertwine. The club's primary goal is to provide students with enrichment opportunities through an integration platform.  

EVE Art Specialist Emma Baker and STEM Specialist Jennifer Noreault led the club with 10 5th-grade EVE students participating. Over four weeks, students completed the following projects. 

  • Handmade Pillows: Students dyed cloth for the pillow covers by using fabric dye and coding Sphero robots to drag the color across the fabric. Once their fabric was dyed and dried, students learned how to sew different varieties of stitches to complete their pillows. 
  • Plaster Sculptures: Students learned how to make paper mache donuts by creating a hollow tinfoil 3D circle form and covering it with plaster sheets. The students then painted the sculptures with acrylic paint and covered them in mod podge. 
  • Mini-Golf Course: Students worked in teams to design a mini-golf course and then coded Sphero robots to navigate through the course. 

This club was made possible through the support and leadership of Lakeville Area Schools Targeted Services Specialist Janet McBride and Equity Coordinator Lydia Lindsoe and their respective departments. Lakeville Area Schools Targeted Services and Equity Services departments are excited about the possibilities of the Arts & STEM Club and hope to expand to additional schools in the future.

LVE 5th-grade students sewing pillows in STEM classroomBox of sphero robots