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Construction Projects Around Our District

September 16, 2021

With the school year in full swing, we are excited to give a few updates on construction projects at Lakeville Area Schools, including additions at three elementary schools, a competition and teaching pool, two dome-ready practice turf fields and a brand new elementary school. These projects provide extra space and opportunities for learning and fun that will greatly benefit our students, staff and community.

Additions that will provide more learning space for our students and staff are located at the following elementary schools: Christina Huddleston Elementary, John F. Kennedy Elementary and Eastview Elementary. Each addition includes four new classrooms, small/medium group rooms, learning commons and additional restrooms. These new learning spaces have unique features, such as a variety of chairs and desks, bright colors and flexible classroom setups to ensure success for every student, no matter the learning style. All three additions are “school ready” and will be finalized later this month. Our students, teachers and staff are excited to be learning in these amazing additions. 

Elementary classroom with comfy blue and green seating  Staff helping students in elementary classroom 

Construction on the competition and teaching pool at Century Middle School is fully underway including the installation of the diving well and mechanical/electrical/plumbing. This pool will be used by school and community teams for swimming and diving and for physical education classes.

 Century Middle School pool construction

Two dome-ready practice turf fields—one at Lakeville North High School and one at Lakeville South High School—were completed over the summer. These new fields have been in full use since mid-late August. These fields are an exciting addition to our community and offer new sports opportunities for our student athletes and community. 

High school turf field  

DLR Group and Loeffler Construction & Consulting handled the design and construction components of the previous projects. These projects were built using 2019 bond referendum dollars and school board-approved lease levy dollars. 

Finally, we are eager to give an update on the District’s brand new elementary school, which will be located at 18685 Highview Avenue in Lakeville. The purchase of land closing is scheduled for October 20, 2021. This project is still in the early stages with the survey recently submitted to the city, geothermal testing upon Minnesota Department of Health approval, planning and design reviews. We look forward to updating the Lakeville area community as new updates come in. 

Google map of new elementary school location

“We are grateful for our community’s support and understanding with these projects that will not only benefit our students but our entire Lakeville area community,” said Superintendent Michael Baumann. 

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