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Lakeville Area Schools Adult Basic Education Achieves Top Ranking in the State

September 20, 2023

Each year, Lakeville Area Schools Adult Basic Education teachers and staff work hard to build a strong connection with adult students in order to help them achieve their goals and develop life-long skills. By building these connections in the classroom, this Community Education program has not only placed third in the state for student Measurable Skill Gains, but it has achieved the top ranking in the state for post-testing rates for the 2022-23 school year, out of all 38 Minnesota Adult Basic Education (ABE) programs 

“ABE is a really special place for a lot of our students because they are surrounded by other people going through the same life experiences, so that not only creates a safe place for my students, but it creates a sense of community,” said Linda Westlund, Adult Basic Education Teacher. Linda builds community in the classroom by asking her students thoughtful questions that help grow small conversations into meaningful connections, leading to success in the classroom.

This past year, Community Education’s ABE program provided nearly 8,000 hours of service to 143 adult students from 36 different countries. With a total of 38 different ABE programs in the State of Minnesota, Lakeville Area Schools’ top ranking is a reflection of our students’ commitment to learning, persistence over time, as well as our staff’s dedication to building relationships that foster learning.

“When students are able to connect and form relationships with not only their teachers, but their peers, it results in a greater ability to learn, a stronger sense of self, and the potential for better educational outcomes,” says Nancy Eldomiatti, Adult Basic Education Secretary. “Creating that sense of community within the classroom is a great feeling. Knowing that you’re not only educating your students, but showing them that we truly care about what they are learning and want to see them reach their goals…this is reflected in the results we are seeing in the classroom.” 

Congratulations to both Adult Basic Education’s students and staff whose hard work, dedication, and caring are helping to ensure that at all students are able to reach their full potential.

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