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Lakeville North’s Jason Boggs selected as a KS95 Teacher of the Week

November 20, 2023

Lakeville North teacher Jason Boggs with KS95 radio personality Hutch Jason Boggs, science teacher at Lakeville North High School, has been selected as a KS95 Teacher of the Week. Boggs was recognized on-air during the KS95 morning show on Friday, October 6.

“You are one of the friendliest and sweetest teachers they [the anonymous nominator] have ever met,” said the KS95 morning show crew. “You go beyond what a good teacher is known for, and you helped them get through a year of anxiety. They don’t know what they would have done without you.”

In addition to being recognized on-air, Boggs received a ‘Teacher of the Week’ plaque, t-shirt, tote bag, and tickets to the Minnesota Science Museum from KS95 radio personality, Hutch, in front of his chemistry class on Wednesday, November 15. 

This is Boggs’ fifth year working as a chemistry teacher at Lakeville North High School. Before that, Boggs worked at Faribault High School for 12 years.

Boggs will attend a dinner at the end of the school year with all of the teachers who were selected as a KS95 Teacher of the Week for the 2023-24 school year, where one teacher will have the chance to win $1,000 cash for herself/himself and $1,000 for their school.