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Strategic planning underway for Lakeville Area Schools led by Teamworks International

November 12, 2021

At the Regular School Board meeting on Nov. 9, the Lakeville Area Schools Board of Education heard a Strategic Planning Overview report from Ray Queener, the District’s consultant from Teamworks International. The District's current strategic plan ends this school year and a comprehensive strategic planning process for the next strategic plan launched in October. The overall process and plan is created with input from Lakeville Area Schools students, staff and families focused on organizational system-wide improvements to improve outcomes for students.

Teamworks International uses a process called “classroom to boardroom,” which focuses on developing a comprehensive system-wide strategic plan from the grassroots (classroom) level and up (School Board). The consultant group held various guided conversations in October where they asked students, families and staff to describe their “desired daily experience” for students. More than 250 stakeholders participated in the focus groups and the data provided will generate a “desired daily experience” draft that secondary students and all Lakeville Area School families and staff will have the opportunity to provide feedback on this winter.

“When we refine the draft of the desired daily experience for students we hand that back to the strategic planning team and educational professionals to develop a plan to implement what the stakeholders needs are for desired daily experience,” said Queener. 

Strategic planning groups composed of school staff and district department staff as well as Board of Education members also worked over several sessions in October to assess the District's strengths, challenges and future needs. These teams will continue to work through the 2021-22 school year to support the development of the next strategic plan. Once final, the strategic plan will include a three-year operational plan, school improvement plan and three-year school board governance work plan. 

As the strategic planning work continues the District will communicate updates as well as opportunities for students, families and staff to provide input. The results of this strategic planning process with Teamworks International will provide the District with a framework to implement an ongoing continual planning model centered on meeting the needs of its students. The work is expected to conclude in Spring 2022.