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Brothers double school’s pop tab collection with single donation

January 14, 2022

Two brothers at Christina Huddleston Elementary made a big donation to their school’s pop tab drive, doubling the amount collected. Every year the school collects pop tabs throughout the year to donate to the Ronald McDonald House, which supports families with children in the hospital in their time of need. 

Easton (kindergarten) and Ethan (3rd grade) started collecting the pop tabs after they saw a bucket of them in their grandfather’s garage. They asked him to start saving more of them so they could donate them to the Ronald McDonald House. It’s a cause that is very special to Ethan and Easton’s family.

“Easton was in the hospital when he was 9 months old, so my mom had to stay in the hospital in the Ronald McDonald House. She got to sleep there and they gave us dinner and family meals,” explained Ethan. 

While Easton and Ethan collected tabs at home, their grandfather collected pop tabs from others in his hometown of Norcross, MN for several months. They also received a large amount of tabs from family in St. Cloud who had been saving them for many years.

The boys brought the tabs to Mr. Buck Kochevar’s classroom, where the pop tabs are collected throughout the year. The boys brought enough to fill 21 three-gallon bags! 

“The brothers came in and they gave us two big tubs. We had 18 to 20 bags and they doubled it all in one day. This is the most we’ve ever collected,” said Mr. Kochevar.

Mr. Kochevar says they’re halfway through the year and they have 41 three-gallon bags of pop tabs so far.

The Ronald McDonald House takes tabs to local recyclers where they are weighed to determine their value and then the recycling center gives them money that can be used to purchase food and supplies for the families they serve.