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JFK Parent Fundraises Over $4K for Book Fair

May 28, 2021

Kate-Madonna Hindes Sieger, a parent at John F. Kennedy Elementary, asked the Lakeville area community to come together to raise funds so that every student at JFK could pick out one book for free at this year’s book fair. With the help of the community and authors via Twitter, she raised over $4,000 in just one evening. JFK students were ecstatic and couldn’t wait to pick out their new books! 

In addition to each student being able to pick out one book for free, enough money was raised to start a fund from Scholastic for JFK classrooms with over $2,000. This fund will allow teachers to choose new books for their classrooms--even more books for the students to learn from and enjoy! 

Thank you for your support, Kate-Madonna! Happy reading!

Elementary boy checking out book fair bookElementary girl looking at books in libraryElementary students in library picking out books