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AVID students support community during pandemic and achieve college dreams

This year, grade 7-12 students taking the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) elective completed a combined total of 1,033 hours of volunteer service focused on supporting the Lakeville Area community during the pandemic. “Service is an important component of the AVID program and I am proud of the creativity and care our students showed in serving our community during this especially difficult year,” said Lydia Lindsoe, Equity Coordinator and AVID District Director. Service projects included distributing food and stocking food shelves, making cards and blankets for individuals isolated in nursing homes, baking to show appreciation for emergency workers, as well as shopping and raking leaves for elderly neighbors. 

The graduating class of 2021 includes 34 AVID seniors, all of whom have been accepted into college and 29 of whom are first generation college students. Combined, the AVID seniors have already earned 148 college credits. Nine seniors received college scholarships through the AVID Scholarship program.

Congratulations to the following AVID Scholarship recipients:

Academic Scholarship, for students with an exceptional academic record - Sameen Chowdury (LNHS), Akash Singh (LNHS), Ngan Phan (LSHS)

Impact Scholarship, for students who have made a remarkable impact through leadership and community service - Henriane Grace Brazil (LNHS), D’Siaha Menyweather (LSHS), Yasmine Isaola (LSHS)

Legacy Scholarship, for students who demonstrate the AVID spirit: individual determination, positive impact on others, and academic excellence - Emma Martinson (ALC), Anna Wu (LNHS), Megan Soberanes Cortes (LSHS)

“Our AVID seniors show what this program is all about. These students dedicated themselves to achieving their academic goals and their dreams of going to college, and they made it happen through their own hard work and persistence and with the support of their peers, teachers and staff. It brings me so much joy to see how they’ve grown and I can’t wait to see what they achieve in college and beyond,” said Lindsoe.

These scholarships are available to AVID seniors on a yearly basis thanks to support from Lakeville Area businesses and community members. Thank you to the following donors who supported the 2021 scholarships: Schneiderman Furniture, Bob and Shelley Erickson, Dave and Kathy Singstock, Kohlnhofer Agency, Citizens Bank, Crystal Lake Automotive, Karl and Vickie Drotning, and Schmitty & Sons. 

Donate to contribute toward AVID Senior Scholarships for the class of 2022

AVID is an essential strategy for closing the achievement, expectation and opportunity gaps in Lakeville Area Schools, making college access and success available to all students. During the 2020-21 school year, 252 Lakeville Area students in grades 7-12 participated in the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) college preparatory elective. Students in AVID learn skills and behaviors for academic success and receive intensive academic support through small group tutorials. AVID classes are communities where students develop strong relationships with their peers and teachers and a sense of hope for personal achievement through hard work and determination. 

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