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Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week

May 24, 2021

Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week Graphic

At its May 25, 2021 regular board meeting, the Board of Education will adopt the following resolution declaring May 24-28 as Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week:

Lakeville Area Schools recognizes May 24-May 28, 2021 as Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week. Substitute Teachers help support our more than 11,000 Lakeville Area students and ensure they continue to learn even when their permanent teachers can’t be in class. This week we celebrate our thanks and gratitude for these essential staff.

Whereas, Lakeville Area Schools has 466 licensed Substitute Teachers and 170 non-licensed Substitute Teachers, and 23 Nurse Substitutes. 

Whereas, Substitute Teachers must be flexible to teach a wide variety of subjects depending on the class they’re teaching on any given day;

Whereas, Substitute Teachers must adapt to different classrooms and different classes on multiple short-term periods; 

Whereas, Substitute Teachers are responsible for ensuring each day of instruction is productive and maintains continuity with a teachers’ lesson plan; 

Whereas, Substitute Teachers are taking on increased responsibility of ensuring students remain safe and healthy and providing much-needed support for our staff during this unprecedented school year amidst the COVID-19 pandemic;

Therefore, let it be resolved: The Board of Education hereby extends its appreciation to all Lakeville Area Schools substitute teachers for supporting the education of our students, and declares May 24-May 28 to be Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week in Lakeville Area Schools.