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CVE Living Wax Musuem

May 12, 2021

Fifth-grade students at Cherry View Elementary have the opportunity to participate in a Living Wax Museum every year. Students research, write a biography report and “become” a historical figure of their choice. Historical figures might range from famous athletes and writers to presidents and other prominent historical individuals. Each student writes a speech in the first person with a slideshow to go with their presentation. On the day of the Living Wax Museum, students get into costume and bring their historical figures to life. Once in character, these “living wax historical figures” share all about their childhood, careers, accomplishments and how they made a difference in the world. 

During this year's Living Wax Museum, you could see figures such as German diarist Anne Frank, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, English primatologist Jane Goodall, American baseball player Jackie Robinson, American women's rights activist Susan B. Anthony and more!  

The Living Wax Museum project is a great way for students to learn about important historical figures while sparking creativity and curiosity. Cherry View fifth grade teachers look forward to leading this activity for years to come. 

View more of the Living Wax Museum photos on Cherry View's Facebook page


Student dressed as Anne FrankStudent dressed as astronaut Chris HedfieldStudent dressed as Jane Goodall

Student dressed as baseball player Jackie RobinsonStudent dressed as Susan B. Anthony