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Nurse Appreciation Week

May 10, 2021

3 nurses outside a school with "heroes" sign

At its April 27, 2021 regular board meeting, the Board of Education adopted the following resolution declaring May 10-14 as Nurse Appreciation Week:

Lakeville Area Schools recognizes May 10-14, 2021 as Nurse Appreciation Week. Our school nurses provide care and look out for the health of more than 11,000 Lakeville Area students. This week we celebrate our thanks and gratitude for these essential staff. 

Whereas, the American Nurses Association declares May 6-12 as National Nurses Week with May 12 specifically dedicated to school nurses;

Whereas, Lakeville Area Schools currently has 5 Licensed School Nurses, 18 Building Nurses, and 2 Related Services Nurses;

Whereas, Lakeville Area School nurses provide comfort and care when students are feeling ill during the day and reach out to parents about health concerns;

Whereas, Lakeville Area Schools nurses work with children, parents, staff, and medical professionals to control and prevent disease; 

Whereas, Lakeville Area Schools nurses work to ensure the health and safety of each student;  

Whereas, this year in particular, Lakeville Area Schools nurses are playing a key role in guiding the district’s health response to the COVID-19 pandemic to keep students, staff and the community healthy and safe; 

Therefore, let it be resolved: The Board of Education hereby extends its appreciation to all Lakeville Area Schools nurses for supporting the health and education of our students, and declares May 10-14, 2021 to be Nurse Appreciation Week in Lakeville Area Schools.