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DSCIT Gets the Job Done with iPads!

August 31, 2023

This summer, the DSCIT team at Lakeville Area Schools accomplished an impressive iPad turnover. Before the start of the new school year, iPads were collected from students with older generations. These iPads were beginning to show their age. They were experiencing issues like software loading discrepancies compared to the newer 9th generation iPads, which will be distributed to students. 

Both staff and students will now have uniform iPads, a significant advancement in terms of technology standardization. This rollout marks an exciting development, with students already displaying immense enthusiasm. 

Lakeville Area Schools boasts a substantial student body of approximately 12,000 with continuous new enrollments. To ensure every student receives an iPad, our DSCIT technicians worked diligently this summer. Unpacking and organizing countless boxes of iPads. They integrated these devices into our systems, assigned asset tags and ensured enrollment in elementary and middle schools - where students are still becoming accustomed to logging into devices. 

Let's extend our gratitude to the techs who persevered, guaranteeing  that Lakeville Area Schools students access up-to-date technology crucial for their classroom experience. They share in the optimism for an outstanding school year ahead!