Concurrent Enrollment

  • This program allows students the opportunity to earn college credit through Southwest Minnesota State University for certain class(es) taken here at LSHS.  For students not planning to attend Southwest State after high school graduation, the College Now courses are guaranteed to transfer to all other MNSCU (Minnesota State Colleges and Universities) institutions.  They typically transfer fairly well to other colleges or universities outside of MN or local private colleges, too. 

    Currently Lakeville South is offering Pre-Calculus  and AP Chemistry (2 & 3) as part of the College Now opportunity  A student earning a passing grade in semester 1 and 2 of the course is eligible for not only LSHS credit, but also five Southwest Minnesota State University credits from  Pre-Calc and nine credits for AP Chemistry the College Now concurrent enrollment program.

    To enroll in a College Now course, students must meet the following criteria:

    1. GPA of 3.0 or higher
    2. Ranked in the top third of your class at the end of your sophomore year, or in the top half of your class at the end of your junior year.  
    3. Ready to take on a rigorous course of study that will require more work than most high school classes and require good study habits. 

    Please talk with your Dean of Students to see if this opportunity is a good fit for you, your overall plans and/or your schedule.

    For more information on concurrent enrollment options program through Southwest Minnesota State University, visit their website.

    This program is supported by both the Minnesota Department of Education and the Office of Higher Education.  Please visit those respective webpages for more details: MDE Concurrent Enrolllment or MN OHE Concurrent Enrollment Office