Board of Education

  • General management of Lakeville Area Schools is vested in the Board of Education. The Board of Education is elected by the citizens of the district to be legally responsible for making education available to all children in Lakeville Area Schools. The Board of Education’s six members are elected at large to serve four-year terms.

    The Board of Education is a policy-making body. Meetings of the Board of Education are open to the public. The regular business meetings of the Board of Education are conducted on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month, unless otherwise noted. Officers are elected at an annual organizational meeting in January.

    The Board of Education meeting agenda is posted 72 hours before the meeting at the main entrance to the District Office as well as with the local newspapers and online. Materials about agenda items are sent to each Board member in advance of meetings so members can study issues before taking action. The Superintendent and Board chair are responsible for preparing the agenda. Official minutes of the Board of Education meetings are on file at the District Office.

Our Policy Governance Board of Education

  • The Board of Education is a policy-making body. This video and infographic explains how the Board of Education provides policy governance for the school district.