Parking at Oak Hills

  • Traffic flow through OHE Parking Lot

    For those of you new to Oak Hills, we have designed our parking lot to flow in one direction. Yellow lines indicate the prescribed traffic flow. The only entrance into Oak Hills is on the far west side (top of the hill) of the parking lot. Cars should follow the painted lines toward the school. There are 8 designated car stalls along the curb. Please, cars should pull ahead to the most forward stall before stopping. Furthermore, there is only ONE exit in the parking lot which is centrally located. This EXIT ONLY lane is designated with several yellow posts. In addition, the EXIT ONLY lane is also a RIGHT TURN ONLY lane. For safety reasons, NO LEFT TURNS are allowed. You may notice another lane next to the RIGHT TURN ONLY exit. This lane is designated for delivery trucks during the school day. Before and after school, this lane is closed to all traffic and will be coned off.