Mission and Beliefs

  • Our Mission

    Together with our families and community, Lakeville Area Schools provides educational opportunities to ensure academic, social, civic, and personal readiness for every student.

    Our Vision

    To provide a safe, respectful, engaging, rigorous, and collaborative learning environment for all students, families and staff where every person belongs, is valued, and can succeed.

Strategic Plan

  • During the 2021-22 school year, Lakeville Area Schools launched a comprehensive strategic planning process. The overall process and strategic plan was created with input from Lakeville Area Schools students, staff, families and community members focused on future system-wide improvements to improve outcomes for students. 

    Learn more about the District's strategic plan and its development process at isd194.org/strategic-plan

Core Values

  • Based on the work of the District's new strategic plan, the following core values were established. 

    • Students First: Student needs drive our decisions and actions.
    • Excellence: High expectations for all with everything we do.
    • Collaboration: Working together for common goals.
    • Integrity: Being honest and authentic in every interaction.
    • Responsible: Individually and collectively we are good stewards of our resources.

Core Goals

  • Beginning in the 2022-23 school year, the Board of Education and the Administration have aligned system-wide work to ensure the following goals and our vision will be achieved for our students. 

    Core Goal #1: Improve our teaching and learning practices and processes to increase student achievement. 

    Core Goal #2: Improve our systems of support to better meet the academic, behavioral and social-emotional needs of our students. 

    Core Goal #3: Engage our families through relationships, awareness and communication.    

    Core Goal #4: Improve our staff professional practices and skills.    

    Core Goal #5: Increase the efficiencies and effectiveness of our district operations.