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Lunch Menus

  • We offer a variety of menus each day that are designed to meet the needs and preferences at each school level.

    We are currently in the process of transitioning our web based menus from MealViewer to ISite and the interactive menu functions are not available at this time. We will no longer be utilizing the MealViewer site or App. More information regarding the new ISite menus will be available later in the fall of 2021. 

    ISite offers students and parents web based access to information on:

    • Breakfast & lunch menus
    • Pictures and descriptions of menu items
    • Nutrition Information
    • Allergens


    Allergen & Nutrition Information

    Allergen & nutrition information for our menus can be accessed online within your Titan family account or by clicking HERE.

    To view allergens on the menu, select the following:

    • School
    • Allergens
    • Menu

    As allergens are selected from the drop down menu, menu items containing the allergen(s) will be removed from the menu. Menus can also be printed with the allergen containing foods removed.

    Nutrition information for each menu item can be viewed by hovering over the menu item on the menu. 

Elementary School Lunch Menus

  • Cherry View Elementary
  • Christina Huddleston Elementary
  • Eastview Elementary
  • JFK Elementary
  • Lake Marion Elementary
  • Lakeview Elementary
  • Oak Hills Elementary
  • Orchard Lake Elementary
  • Breakfast in the Cafeteria
  • Breakfast in the Classroom

Middle School Menus

  • Century Middle School
  • Kenwood Trail Middle School
  • McGuire Middle School
  • Big Cat
  • CMS Breakfast
  • KTMS & MMS Breakfast

High School Menus

  • Lakeville North High School
  • Lakeville South High School
  • Big Cat
  • High School Breakfast

  • Lakeville Area Schools is an equal opportunity provider.