Special Education

  • Lakeville Area Schools Special Education serves approximately 1,600 children from birth through age 21, all with a variety of disabilities. Although the majority of the students receive special education services in their home schools, Lakeville Area Schools offers a wide range of service delivery models. These include home-based services for infants and toddlers and a variety of school-based services both within the school district. The department provides programming options for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Emotional or Behavioral Disorders, Developmental Cognitive Delays, Early Childhood Special Education and more.

    It is our goal that all students who exit our special education programs:

    • Have the academic, communication, and life skills necessary to reach their highest potential;
    • Are goal-directed and maintain a healthy balance of productivity, personal interests and lifelong learning;
    • Have the ability to develop and maintain meaningful interpersonal relationships;
    • Can pursue a vocation that is financially and/or emotionally satisfying;
    • Have developed a healthy belief system, positive self-awareness and the ability to self advocate;
    • Are adaptable problem-solvers who function effectively in a variety of settings and have the flexibility to withstand change, and
    • Have a sense of their place in and contribution to family and community.

    LSHS Special Education Coordinator

    Derrick Gaborski

    Learn More About Special Education

    For more information on Special Education Services in our district, visit the Lakeville Area Schools Special Education page.