Senior Job Shadow

  • As a component of the Career Portfolio, the job shadow is a required activity for graduation from Lakeville Area Schools. A job shadow is a structured career activity where a student follows an employee at a company location to learn about a particular occupation or industry. The purpose of job shadowing is to help students explore a range of career options. For this to be a meaningful experience, students should shadow someone in your career path of interest.  It should not be your parents or someone where you currently work.

    The employee who is hosting the student is called an adult mentor. The student will experience a one-on-one relationship with an adult mentor observing activities and gaining valuable information about a possible chosen career. Job shadowing helps students accomplish the following:

    • Gain information about possible future career interests
    • Observe the daily routine of their adult mentor
    • Observe the system of the host’s company or business
    • Gain an insight of the academic, technical, and personal skills required by particular occupation
    • Gain an understanding of the connection between school and work
    • Gain information to assist students in goal setting and educational planning

    If choosing this option for completion of their LSHS Career Portfolio, seniors need to prepare by using the Job Shadow Packet and attend their Job Shadow using the proper social distancing and mask requirements.  Then completion of the Senior Job Shadow Follow-Up Assignment is necessary.

    When to Complete the Job Shadow

    Class of 2022's follow-up assignment deadline is Monday, May 2 at 3:00 p.m.

    Seniors are typically given the time out of school on Opportunities Day to complete this assignment.  This year we will be using March 8 as the official day set aside for Seniors to do this or one of the other new alternate activity choices. There is some flexibility with this date, but you cannot miss class time for completion of this activity. For example, you could do a day off school (like Jan 17, 31, Feb 21st or even Spring Break). Please see instructions for each individual activity for more detail. 

    Job Shadow Options for 2022

    Due to the challenges still being presented by COVID-19, we are again offering four options this school year to assist Seniors in completing their Career Portfolio.

    1. Occupation Sort, Review and Reflections – Unsure what you want in a career? Don’t feel comfortable going into a job shadow environment at this time? Changing your mind after an actual job shadow or career interview? Research various careers with an MCIS Occupation Sort and other activities.
    2. Take Career Investigations as a course at South AND receive a passing grade.
    3. Perform our Virtual Career Interview with a mentor in the field you are interested in and some additional review of the occupation and reflection. This can be accomplished via a video conferencing platform or by telephone.
    4. Do the Job Shadow as originally intended, but with safety first and foremost.

    Click above the links in Option #1 – Occupation Sort or Option #3 – Virtual Career Interview to be redirected to supporting documentation, including more information and instructions on those alternatives.

    For option #2 – Career Investigations, anyone who has already taken the class AND received a passing grade will receive credit automatically. Anyone scheduled in it this year will be checked later in the semester for the passing grade.

    If choosing option #4 – and continuing with the regular Senior Job Shadow, see information directly below for that entire process.

    Senior Job Shadow Instructions and Follow-Up Assignment

     Senior Job Shadow Packet to help search for one and/or prepare for it.

    You will need to access MCIS in order to answer some of the questions on the Google Form follow-up assignment. To log in to MCIS:

    1. Go to
    2. Cick the "Log in with Clever" button.
    3. Type in "Lakeville South" under Search for your school and then select it.
    4. Click on "Log in with Google."
    5. Students can now enter their school email username and password to login.

    Helpful Tips 

    MCIS logo These are the questions you would not or should not ask your job shadow mentor. All answers will come from the MCIS access within the topics on the left hand menu. You should also SAVE the occupation when you are done and make a note about your reflection there as well.  

    • What are the education and training requirements?
    • What are the low-end, median, and high-end wages?
    • What is the employment outlook for this occupation?
    • List at least 3 other occupations that are similar or related to this occupation.
    • Name 3 post-secondary institutions that offer training in the area of this job field.

    The answers to these questions will be input into the Senior Job Shadow and/or Career Interview Follow-Up Assignment with other observations from your Job Shadow in order to complete your Job Shadow assignment. Julie Peterson will receive notification of your completion of the Google Doc and be able to see the job saved in MCIS. If you have any questions, please contact her.




    Due to the on going COVID-19 situation and as it continues to disrupt workplaces especially, we realize this greatly affects the Class of 2022’s ability to perform the job shadow requirement necessary for graduation from Lakeville Schools. Because of many restrictions still in place with employers or many still working remotely, accessibility to some employees or certain protocol and guidelines in place regarding additional people on-site, we’ve decided to continue with adjustments.

    With many essential jobs being performed yet and others with some slight modifications, we would still would like to give students the opportunity to perform a job shadow when it is available and safe to do so with proper precautions in place. However, we have added a few other options for seniors to further explore occupations and still meet the requirement for graduation. Review the details on this page and email if you have any questions on what is presented.

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