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    The Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS) is one of the most common tools students will use for their college and career planning. MCIS is a comprehensive, internet-based platform that combines a wealth of career and educational information into one, easy-to-use exploration tool. MCIS is an excellent tool to use for post-secondary planning and each Lakeville student has their own account. Students can use MCIS for test prep, exploring possible career paths using interest inventories, post-secondary options through school sort, finding majors, finding scholarships, planning and so much more!

    This is free to use even after high school, as long as the school continues using MCIS and the student's account has been active within the past four years.

    HOW to LOG-IN to MCIS

    • Go to the MCIS portal and Click "Log in with Clever"

     Log in with Clever





    • Type in "Lakeville South" under Search for your school and select it.                            
    • Click on "Log in with Google."
    • Students can now enter their school email username and password to log-in

    Why Use MCIS?

    State law requires every student to have a post-secondary plan. MCIS will help students create that plan. Each student will create a Personal Learning Plan (PLP) in 9th grade during Opportunities Day. Within the PLP, students will:

    • Determine skills and interests
    • Explore careers
    • Search for colleges and training options
    • Create an education and career plan
    • Keep a record of school activities, extra-curricular activities and work experience.

    Research shows that students who have an education and career plan are:

    • More likely to graduate from high school and attend college or other post-secondary training
    • More motivated to succeed in college and other types of training and in the workplace
    • Score higher on standardized achievement tests
    • Have better attendance and fewer discipline problems

    There are two VERY popular areas in MCIS with LSHS students.  The first would be the customization features that SCHOOL SORT allows to help find schools throughout the country that best fit their personal preferences and plans with searching for college options.  The other search module that is also very helpful, and students wish they had found sooner, is the FINANCIAL AID SORT.  This helps pull out scholarship opportunities from a national database that are a possible match with the individual's particular background, major of study, hobbies, etc.... 

    Please contact Amy Juaire at Amy.Juaire@isd194.org if you have any other questions on either of these or would be looking for additional assistance with MCIS or post-secondary planning.