• Student absences, early dismissals or late arrivals MUST BE reported by a PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN via email, phone call or a written note.

    All students MUST check-in at Attendance on their way in/out of LSHS other than for schedule exceptions (i.e. hybrid or on-line class, student aide hour or PSEO). 

    Our new scanning system is NOT connected to the Attendance portal. Therefore, all students will need to check with our Attendance desk when coming or going for other reasons.

    Reporting Absences

    Please report absences, early dismissals or late arrivals to one of the following:

    Attendance Email (preferred):

    24 Hour Attendance Voicemail:

    ALWAYS include the following information:

    • Student’s First and Last Name
      • Please include spelling of names when leaving a voicemail
    • Student's grade
    • Your relationship to the student
    • A call back number and/or email that we have on file for you
    • Date(s) or time(s) the absence will occur
    • Reason for absence MUST BE INCLUDED (i.e. dentist, doctor, illness, etc.)
      • If student is ill, we will need specific symptoms.
    • When submitting a note, please SIGN and DATE the note.
      • Please try not to use post-it notes, ripped corners of paper, index cards or notebook paper.


    Late Arrivals

    Students who arrive more than 5 minutes late for ANY reason, except a late bus, MUST stop at Attendance and obtain an admission slip before going to class.  Attendance is now located at the back corner of the main reception desk.

    Early Dismissal

    For excused absences during the day, such as doctor or dental appointments, parent/guardian must either call the attendance line, send us an email or send a written note with your student stating the date, times and reason they are to be excused.  Students can bring them in when arriving in the morning, or if parent/guardian left a voicemail or email – a pass will be left for them at the Attendance desk for pick-up throughout the day. Students still need to scan out at the main entrance before leaving.

    If a student is returning to school from an appointment or from being excused earlier in the day, they MUST stop to see Attendance before returning to class.

    Absence Discrepancy

    If a teacher marks a student absent in error, it is the student’s responsibility to obtain an Attendance Correction sheet from the Attendance desk, bring it to the teacher to discuss the discrepancy. If a correction is to be made, the teacher will fill out the sheet. It is the student’s responsibility to return the sheet back to Attendance for processing.


  • Chronic absenteeism is a problem that undermines our efforts to prepare future ready students.  At District 194, our educators and administrators are committed to educating students to reach their full potential. As a school district of choice, we have high academic standards and expectations for our students, and this starts with being prepared and in the classroom every day.

    In accordance with District Policy 503, students are expected to attend class every day, with the exception of school-authorized and verified absences. Excessive absences may have adverse consequences.

    1. Attendance will be given a high priority at Lakeville South.
    2. Every missed class has an effect on student learning.
    3. 10 or more minutes late to class is an unexcused absence for that class.
    4. 3 tardies from a single class results in an unexcused absence for that class.

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