Available Scholarships

  • General Scholarships

Scholarships & Procedures

  • Scholarships are usually awarded on the basis of academic or other achievement requirements made by scholarship donors.
    Colleges offer their own scholarships awarded by alumni, educational departments, academic achievements, etc. Visit college websites frequently as due dates change and scholarships are added frequently. Also check with newspapers, magazines, parents’ employers, students' employers, churches, and any student or parent/relative organizations or clubs.

    Scholarship Application Procedures

    Online Application:

    Complete the scholarship application online and follow the directions, including any attachments such as a recommendation letter or transcript that may be required.

    Mailing Application:

    Turn in the ENTIRE completed application to the Career Center for a transcript, school signatures, or sections that need to be completed by the Dean, for reviewing and then mailing.

            Mailing:    When transcripts are needed, print and complete the Scholarship Transcript Request Form, (also in the Career Center). Turn in the form with the completed scholarship application and envelope to the Career Center.  DO NOT request transcripts electronically using Parchment. “Unofficial” transcripts can be obtained through students’ Infinite Campus account.

           Emailing:   Complete the Transcript Request Form (above). Students' transcripts will be scanned and sent to the designated scholarships' email address provided on students' Transcript Request Form

    • If the scholarship does not need a transcript or have any sections that need to be completed by a school official, students can simply complete the materials and mail or email the application as directed on the application.

    Scholarship Recommendation Letters

    Recommendation letters should always be returned to the student in order to be mailed with the scholarships’ requirements. Letters can be placed in a sealed envelope with a signature signed across the seal for security and authenticity reasons.


    Financial Confidentiality

    For confidential scholarship reasons, financial information pages can be placed in a sealed envelope, and placed into a larger envelope for scholarship eligibility requirements, and then given to the Career Center. Along with any additional materials needed to be mailed while needing a transcript.

    MCIS Scholarships

    LNHS partners with Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS) All students have their own account portfolio access. Log in using Clever using the school-issued Gmail account, or go directly to MCIS using student username/password. Once signed in, you will find several scholarships listed under the Education tab, “Where to Get Help Paying for School”, Scholarships. MCIS lists several scholarships available to students. If you have any problems linking to MCIS, students should come to the LNHS Career Center.


  • Establish an LNHS Academic Scholarship

    Scholarship donors interested in establishing an LNHS Academic Scholarship for Lakeville North High School students will need to contact the LNHS Career Center. In order to be considered as an LNHS Academic Scholarship, the award must be offered and awarded to an LNHS Senior student. All scholarships are established by the end of January of each year, and applications are due in March from students. Scholarship recipients are recognized in May at the LNHS Senior Awards Program.

    Career Center Coordinator
    Kresson Hrdlichka