Job Shadow Packet and Information

  • Senior Job Shadow Day:  March 8, 2022

    Online Job Shadow Form Due:  May 2, 2022, by 3 p.m.

    Senior Job Shadow Day March 8, 2022  


    Job Shadow Form DUE:   May 2, 2022,  BY 3pm


    All Seniors must complete a Job Shadow in order to graduate. March 8, 2022, is designated as Job Shadow Day, as it will be a Digital Day. If students cannot schedule their Job Shadow for March 8, parents must excuse them from classes through attendance.


    Senior students need to complete the Job Shadow Form (below) after attending their Job Shadow in-person/virtually (using the pandemic requirements), or by viewing an Occupational Video of their chosen career using students MCIS account.


    All Job Shadow Forms are due by May 2, 2022 BY 3pm.


    Senior Job Shadow

    Seniors can attend their Shadow day in-person/virtually or watch their Career Video with their MCIS account. All Seniors should then go online and complete the Job Shadow Form. 

    If Seniors wish to view a Career Video for their Job Shadow requirement, they must follow the steps below and then complete the Job Shadow Form.

    • Sign into your school Gmail Account using Clever
    • Select '"Log into MCIS,"
    • Scroll over “Occupations” for the drop down menu
    • Select the drop down menu… “Occupations”, Titles Index
    • Review the occupation title for your chosen career, and select the career title that has a film strip icon to view your video
    • Watch your occupation video
    • Using MCIS answer the Job Shadow Packet Form question, and submit the form


    Job Shadow Online Form