Common Grading Scale

Incomplete Grades

  • Students who, for acceptable reasons (e.g. illness, family emergency), receive an incomplete mark (“I”) at the end of the quarter/semester will have two weeks to complete coursework and required assessments. Incomplete grades posted on a transcript count as a zero toward cumulative GPA. After the two-week period, the grade will be issued. Exceptions may be granted when special circumstances exist.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

  • How to calculate GPA:

    1. Add point values for classes
    2. Divide by the number of classes marked

Academic Lettering

  • Students must obtain a 3.7 or higher GPA during two consecutive semesters to be eligible for a letter. Subsequent awards (bars to be placed beneath the letter) can be attained with two additional semesters of a 3.7 or higher GPA.

Class Rank

  • Class rank is determined by the numerical comparison of class members’ cumulative GPA’s. Class rank and grade point average are calculated on the basis of credits earned. PSEO and University of Minnesota Talented Youth Mathematics Program (UMTYMP) grades are reflected on the transcript. PSEO, UMTYMP and concurrent credit grades are not weighted but are calculated into GPA and class rank. Honors courses are not weighted. Only Advanced Placement courses are weighted.

Transferred Credits

  • Credits transferred (from another high school or any accredited institution) may be credited toward state and district graduation requirements. Disclosure of students’ relevant high school academic records, wherever their credits have been earned, will be provided by Lakeville High Schools to post-secondary institutions to the extent permitted by Minnesota law.

    All transferred classes/credits entered on the student’s transcript will be counted in the cumulative grade point average and class rank, unless recorded as a grade of “P” which has no effect on GPA.