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    College Admission 

    College online applications are processed by the Deans and the Dean Assistants. If an application is not available online, students need to provide a stamped, addressed envelope(s) along with the completed college application form and fee. Students are strongly encouraged to apply online when possible, as most colleges prefer online applications. If letters of recommendation are needed for college admission or scholarships, please allow teachers and the Deans at least TWO weeks to meet deadlines.

    Request a Letter of Recommendation for College Admission

    Request a Letter of Recommendation for a general Scholarship

    Common Application for colleges:

    Apply to college using the Common Application for Minnesota colleges. Or, with individual colleges' applications not listed with the Common App, such as private colleges, and nationwide colleges or universities.


    Download College Information Publications

    MN Office of Higher Education Publications

    MN Private College Council

    North Dakota University System

    University of Wisconsin System

    Wisconsin's Private Colleges 

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    Career & College Search 

    LNHS students use the Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS) to access their own high school, college and career informational portfolios. Students will find their own high school career interest assessments to aid in college/career planning. MCIS assists with colleges’ information, tuition, student/professor ratio, population, admission requirements, high school class suggestions, career descriptions, etc. on their website.

    LNHS students are able to set up their own portfolios while in high school and beyond. MCIS displays information concerning a student's career interest assessments, practice college entrance testing, college search information, college majors, career plans, maps out high school classes, scholarships, financial planning, and more. It also lists information for future jobs and the military. MCIS stores students’ own career/college comparison data for college search and career information.

    Students should visit the MCIS website, log in with Clever, (using their LNHS Gmail account information) to access their own accounts to store their own portfolio data.

    MCIS Information


    LOG-IN to MCIS

    • Go to the MCIS portal and Click "Log in with Clever"

     Log in with Clever

    • Type in "Lakeville North" under Search and select it                            
    • Click on "Log in with Google"
    • Students can now enter their school email username and password to log-in to MCIS 

    MCIS will help students create a post-high school plan

    • Determine skills and interests
    • Explore future careers
    • Search for colleges and training options
    • Create an education and career plan
    • Keep a record of school activities, extra-curricular activities and work experience

    Research shows that students who have an education and career plan are:

    • More likely to graduate from high school and attend college or other post-secondary training
    • More motivated to succeed in college and other types of training and in the workplace
    • Score higher on standardized achievement tests
    • Have better attendance and fewer discipline problems

    Learning Express Library

    Learning Express offers information relating to high school classes, college preparation and career planning. Visit the website to research colleges, assist with high school learning and college entrance exams. Prepare for exams in social work, medical, air traffic, civil service, military, culinary, etc. all types of jobs. There is job and career accelerator aides which assist with career exploration, job search, resumes', internships, and scholarships. Learning Express assists with preparing for ACT, PSAT, SAT, and AP exams. They have websites pages complete with high school class improvement aides. It offers aides in several subjects such as Science, Math, English, Computer and much more! Visit the website for complete information: Learning Express