• FLEX Days

    Lakeville Area Schools uses Flexible Learning (Flex) Days so students can still be engaged in learning on inclement weather (snow) days. On a Flex day, John F. Kennedy Elementary students will continue learning from home by completing curriculum-aligned learning activities on a Choice Card. Activities on the Choice Card will be discussed in class after the Flex Day. Each grade level has its own Choice Card. You may download and/or print your child’s grade-specific Choice Card below.

Flex Day Choice Cards

  • Teachers will be available through their district email addresses throughout the day to answer any questions and provide guidance. If you’re unable to email your teacher with questions during the Flex Day, your child may wait until the next school day to ask their teacher.

    Please note, if your child is sick and unable to complete their Flex Day learning activities, a parent/guardian must still call the school attendance line to report an absence.

    For more information on Flex Days, why and when they’re used, and to download checklists with your Flex Day responsibilities, please visit this page.