Here Comes the Bus

Kids getting off a school bus
  • Lakeville Area Schools is rolling out a new school bus tracking system called Here Comes the Bus. This easy-to-use mobile app and website allows families to see the real-time location of their child's school bus on a smartphone, tablet or computer. This is possible through GPS technology installed on Schmitty & Sons buses. Here Comes the Bus also allows you to get push notifications and email alerts when the bus gets close to your child's bus stop.

Get the App

  • Getting Started

    *Please note: During summer months the app is deactivated for our District while Schmitty and Sons updates its bus route information. Setup with the District Code below is unavailable during this period. Schmitty and Sons will reactivate our app approximately one week before the beginning of the new school year after it posts bus route information to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

    Download the mobile app for Android or Apple devices or go to the Here Comes the Bus website at You will need to create an account. During account creation, you will need to enter our School District Code.  The Code can be found in the Infinite Campus Portal by clicking on More and then on Transportation.

    This code only needs to be entered once during account creation. If you forget the code during account creation, you will be able to click on I Need the Code, which will let you search via zip code to find our district and our School District Code.

    Add Your Students

    Once you are logged in you can begin adding your child(ren) to the app. You will need their student ID number to do this. If you don’t know your child’s student ID number, you can find it in the Infinite Campus Portal (by clicking on Today). Your child(ren) already has their bus stop and bus route number assigned to them in the Here Comes the Bus app.

    PLEASE NOTE: It may take up to 24 hours after account creation for notifications to start coming to your device.

Important Clarifications About Here Comes the Bus

  • Please note that Here Comes the Bus only tracks full-size school buses that regularly go to and from school. We plan to expand to special education transportation in the future. Field trip buses, tutor buses, activities buses, etc. will not be tracked on Here Comes the Bus. Limitations of Here Comes the Bus will also impact families using alternative stops, such as a student going to one location one day and another location another day. Most important, please remember that Here Comes the Bus tracks buses, not students physically getting on and off the bus.


  • If you’d like to watch tutorial videos to learn more about account creation and how to use Here Comes the Bus, you can visit this web page.

    If you have questions about Here Comes the Bus, you can contact Susie Jackson at the District Office by email at

Here Comes the Bus