Middle School Advanced Learning Program

  • The Middle School Advanced Learning Coordinator services all three middle school buildings in Lakeville Area Schools. Honors courses help to meet the needs of advanced learners in core content areas by enriching and extending the curriculum. Eligibility for advanced courses are determined yearly. Listed below are the honors courses available to middle school students.

    Middle School Honors Courses

  • Grade 6

    - Seminar Language Arts 6
    - Seminar Communications 6
    - Honors Math 6
    - Honors Pre-Algebra

  • Grade 7

    - Honors Language Arts 7
    - Honors Communications 7 
    - Honors Science 7
    - Honors Math 7/ Honors Algebra

  • Grade 8
    - Honors English 8
    - Honors Science 8                
    - Honors Algebra 8/Honors Geometry 8

Middle School Honors Placement Criteria

  • All middle school students are reviewed annually for placement in Honors courses. 

    Eligibility for each honors course is determined by separate and specific criteria. Generally, students qualify for an honors course with the following:

    • MAP test scores above the 90th percentile 
    • Rating scales based on classroom performance 
    • A test or written application essay
    • CogAT Scores (6th Grade)

    Grade-specific criteria can be found in the tabs below.

  • 6th Grade Requirements for Honors/Seminar Enrollment

  • 7th Grade Requirements for Honors Enrollment

  • 8th Grade Requirements for Honors Enrollment


    Why Advanced Learners Have Placement Standards

    Lakeville Area Schools has meaningful, equitable and transparent placement standards for placing advanced learners in honors courses. The standards and processes used to identify students for honors courses are based on various academic and research papers and practices used by neighboring school districts. To learn more about why we have placement standards and the types of assessments we use to identify advanced learners, please read this linked document: