Middle School Advanced Learning Program

  • The Middle School Advanced Learning Coordinator services all three middle school buildings in Lakeville Area Schools. Honors courses help to meet the needs of advanced learners in core content areas by enriching and extending the curriculum. Eligibility for advanced courses are determined yearly. Listed below are the honors courses available to middle school students. Course descriptions can be found below.

    Middle School Honors Courses

    Grade 6

    - Honors Math 6/Honors Pre-Algebra
    - Communications Seminar
    - Language Arts Seminar

    Grade 7

    - Honors Math 7/Honors Algebra      
    - Honors Communications 7
    - Honors Language Arts 7
    - Honors Life Science

    Grade 8

    - Honors Algebra/Geometry             
    - Honors English 8
    - Honors Earth Science

    Progress Monitoring

    Student progress will be evaluated continuously to determine each student’s appropriate course placement throughout their three years in middle school. A student who does not consistently demonstrate proficiency on summarive assessments for course standards in an honors course will be re-evaluated and placed in an appropriate level course. Being placed in an Honors course in one grade does not guarantee placement in Honors courses in subsequent years. If a student does not gain placement immediately in an honors course, they CAN be considered in the future. All students are reviewed annually for honors course placement.

Information on Honors Course Subjects

  • Mathematics

  • English/Language Arts/Communications

  • Science