High School Gifted Program

  • At the high school level, students have options for honors and Advanced Placement (A.P.) classes in a wide variety of subject areas. Co-curricular activities also provide opportunities for student to develop and nurture their unique gifts and talents.

    Students also have the opportunity to take Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) courses. PSEO is a program that allows 10th, 11th and 12th-grade students to earn college credit while still in high school, through enrollment in and successful completion of college-level courses.

    The Advanced Placement program (AP) provides high school students with the opportunity to take college-level course work and exams while still in high school, with each course culminating in a rigorous, optional exam to earn potential college credit. AP provides motivated and academically prepared students with the opportunity to develop the study skills, habits of mind, and critical thinking skills that they will need in college.

AP Courses by Department

  • Art

  • Business

  • Communications

  • Computer Programming

  • Math

  • Music

  • Science

  • Social Studies

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