High School Subject Acceleration

  • Lakeville Area Schools recognizes the need for academically gifted students to receive accelerated instruction. Acceleration is generally defined as moving students through the traditional curriculum at rates faster than the typical student experiences. The goal of acceleration is to match the level and complexity of the curriculum with the readiness and motivation of the learner.

    The Lakeville Acceleration Chart provides an overview of acceleration options available. Many forms of acceleration are incorporated into the general education program or one of the components of the gifted education program.

    High school students can receive credit for any course offered by the district in any subject area if the student is able to demonstrate the outcomes for the course. If the student completes the assessment process in a satisfactory manner, the student’s transcript will show the credit earned and a course grade of A, A-, B+ or B. Depending on the course, students may earn a semester credit, a full year credit, or in the case of a full-year course, a student could be given credit for just one of the semesters.

    Credit by Assessment Procedure

    • Student requests application from dean’s office (or downloads from website), obtains parent signature and meets with dean
    • Student meets with the department chair to obtain materials and establish assessment plan
    • Student brings this form with assessment plan back to the dean’s office to be copied and filed
    • Student independently studies and/or completes materials needed for assessment
    • Assessment is completed or materials presented for evaluation
    • Credit is awarded if assessment results in a grade of B or higher (83%)
    • A letter grade is awarded (not pass/fail)

    9-12 Grade Acceleration

    Students who are in grades 9-12 may accelerate a grade through Credit for Learning. With this option, students demonstrate mastery of course material, receive credit for the class, and move into a more rigorous class. If a student chooses this option in several core classes, the student would be able to graduate early. The graduation requirements at the high school are as follows:

    1. Fulfill the credit requirements for graduation (22 credits or 44 classes grades 9 – 12), and meet all of the state standards
    2. Complete and pass all state standardized tests
    3. Complete the career exploration portfolio

    Students who plan to graduate ahead of their class should complete the Request for Early Graduation form with their dean to ensure that all requirements have been met.

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