Peachjar for Schools and School Groups

  • Peachjar logoThrough our partnership with Peachjar, schools are able to post and share out their own school flyers through this service for free. Additionally, approved school groups like parent-teacher organizations (PTOs), booster clubs and their associations and school clubs are also able to submit their flyers for free. These groups will submit flyers and each school will approve them before they are shared with families and posted to online flyerboards.

    When We Send Flyers

    To avoid families getting too many Peachjar emails during the week, the District will plan to only have flyers be emailed out on Fridays at 3 p.m. To allow us time to review and approve flyers, please submit your flyer by Thursdays at noon. Please take this timing into consideration when submitting flyers for time-sensitive events. 

    How to get a Peachjar account as an Approved School Group

    The District will create Peachjar accounts for approved PTOs, school clubs and booster clubs and their associations. This will allow approved groups to upload and submit their flyers for approval by District and school staff. Once approved by school staff, Peachjar will email your group's flyer to your selected school communities and be posted on those schools' online flyerboards.

    To have an account created for your group:

    1. Please fill out this Peachjar Uploader Account request form
    2. District/school staff will review your request and then create your Peachjar account
    3. Once created, you will receive an email directly from Peachjar granting access to your account

    Changing Contacts for Peachjar Accounts

    We recognize contacts can regularly change year-over-year for groups like PTOs, clubs, boosters and associations. To ensure your group continues to have access to a Peachjar account to submit flyers for distribution, we have a form to submit contact changes for your group so the District can add, delete and change existing uploader accounts. To request a change, please fill out this Peachjar Uploader Account Change Request Form.