Attendance Matters

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    Being in school, on time, every day, is critical for your student’s success in school. With just two missed days each month, students can easily fall behind and have less academic success over the course of the school year and their academic career. Absences can also impact entire classrooms if teachers have to slow down learning to help students catch up.

    It is recommended that students miss no more than nine days of school each year to stay engaged, successful and on track to graduation. Families can help their students succeed at all grade levels by building the habit of good attendance early in elementary school and paying attention to their attendance in middle and high school to keep them on track.

    Thank you for your support in ensuring your students are in school, on time, every day.

How to Report Your Student's Attendance

  • If a student will be absent from school, parents/guardians must contact their school's attendance office to let them know. Please email your school's attendance email address (listed below) with your student's full name, grade, when they will be missing school, and the reason for the absence.

Student Absence Notifications

  • When a student is marked absent in school, the student's school will send two notifications to their parents/guardians. This is to ensure strong communication between schools and parents/guardians about student absences and tardiness. These notifications will always come via an email, text message and phone call from the school.

    First Notification

    The first notification will come at 10:30 a.m. from elementary schools and at 10 a.m. from secondary schools. Parents/guardians may still receive this call even if they have excused this absence. This first notification is in the interest of student safety and alerts families/guardians of absences they may not be aware of. It is sent shortly after attendance is taken and does not always allow time for our staff to go through all the emails and phone calls we have received before the first call goes out. 

    Second Notification

    A second notification will be made to any parent/guardian whose student's absence is still marked unexcused. This second notification will come at 5 p.m. from elementary schools and at 3 p.m. from secondary schools.

    Resolving Absences

    Parents/guardians will have five days to resolve a marked absence. After the fifth day, it will be marked as an unexcused absence. Please refer to District Policy 503 on Student Attendance to see what is considered an excused versus unexcused absence.