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    Founded 1999

    Century Middle School is a grade 6 through grade 8 middle school in Lakeville, Minnesota. Over 900 students and over 100 staff members collectively embrace the concept of continuous improvement. We are all about growing, learning, and improving here at Century Middle School. Isn’t that what middle school is supposed to be all about?

    Century Middle School offers students a wide array of classes, including an honors class in science and English as well as accelerated math courses. We believe it is important that middle school students receive a well-rounded education. Most of our students take Band, Choir, STEM, Visual Arts, Media Arts, Family and Consumer Science (FACS), Introduction to Spanish and Physical Education.  We also have school-wide intervention and enrichment opportunities (WIN time) during Advisory which are designed both to ensure that our students learn what they need to learn to be successful at the next level and to challenge those students who demonstrate mastery of a concept right away.

    One of the tenets of the middle school philosophy is the creation of positive relationships between students and staff members to ensure student success academically and socially (the latter of which can’t be overlooked during these transitional years). Through our daily advisory classes, after school activities, and proactive communication with students and parents, we work very hard to establish and nurture these very important relationships. In Advisory, teachers monitor academic progress and plan various activities designed to help students connect with each other. We are CMS STRONG. We intentionally model, teach and practice these lifelong qualities: Serve, Thankful, Respect, Organize, Navigate and Grow. 

    We like to think that our high standardized test scores and the success of our students when they advance to high school and post-secondary educational experiences is evidence of our ability to execute our mission and vision statements. We are Respectful, Responsible and Safe. 


    Together with our families and community, Lakeville Area Schools provides educational opportunities  to ensure academic, social, civic, and personal readiness for every student.


    Lakeville Area Schools will be a safe, respectful, engaging, rigorous, and collaborative learning  environment for all students, families and staff where every person belongs, is valued, and can  succeed. 

    Core Values: 

    Students First: Student’s needs drive our decisions and actions. 

    Excellence: High expectations for all with everything we do. 

    Collaboration: Working together for common goals. 

    Integrity: Being honest and authentic in every interaction. 

    Responsible: Individually and collectively we are good stewards of our resources. 


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