World-Class, Personalized Online Learning

  • Lakeville Online Academy is an online school that provides students with a high-quality, personalized option for education that they can take advantage of from anywhere across the state of Minnesota. LOA is offered through Lakeville Area Schools and provides students with the support they need to excel in a virtual school setting. We recognize that the best education doesn’t always take place in a physical classroom.


  • The mission of Lakeville Online Academy is to provide students with high quality, personalized learning options and opportunities through an online environment.

Why Choose Online Learning?

  • student with two LinK12 teachers Families choose online learning for a wide variety of reasons including:

    • Flexible schedules
    • Smaller class sizes
    • Student learning style
    • Self-pacing (with guidance)
    • Individualized support
    • Personalized learning
    • Fewer distractions
    • 21st century skill development
  • "At Lakeville Online Academy, student success is our number one priority."