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    Welcome to the Lakeville North Career Center. This is the place to start all college and career planning for after high school graduation. The Career Center provides information about colleges and careers, college entrance exams, scholarships, ordering transcripts to send to colleges, and more.

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      Opportunities Day -Digital Day

      March 8, 2022:  Opportunities Day/Digital Day: information for each grade level's requirements can be found in Schoology and using MCIS (MN Career Information System).

      Instructions on how to access online activity information with MCIS (written for a student iPad):

      1. Go to:  https://clever.com/in/isd194
      2. Select “Log in with Google”.  See image on right.
      3. Enter school Gmail login information.
      4. Select the “Minnesota Career Information System” icon.  See image on right.
      5. You should now be logged into MCIS.  Be sure your name is in the upper right corner of the screen.  **You can also use this website after you graduate as long as ISD194 maintains the subscription.  But, before you graduate you will need to change your email address to your personal email and access the website from mncis.intocareers.org.
      6. Click on My Portfolio on the toolbar.  Then select Checklists.  
      7. Select the View hyperlink for Opportunities Day Requirements for the grade that applies to you 

      The Status column identifies whether this activity has been completed in the Personal Learning Plan. You may have completed the activity previously but may be asked to update it for this year. Look for the word “UPDATE” in the Checklist Activity for activities you need to update.  Click this link for a video that explains the Status column.

      1. To complete the activity, first read the instructions that can be found by clicking on the by each activity in the Checklist.  Click this link for a video on how to find the detailed instructions for the activities.  If you prefer the instructions all in on place, the next several pages have the detailed instructions from MCIS by grade level.
      2. You will know you have completed the activity because the Checklist will have a green circle in the Status column for the activity.  Please see note in #7 about UPDATE requirements.
      3. To complete the next activity, return to the Checklist by following instruction #6 above.

    Career Center Coordinator

    Kresson Hrdlichka
    Phone: #952-232-3606



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