Digital Citizenship / Online Safety

  • The reality of today’s students is that their digital reputation, or how they choose to represent themselves online, is being evaluated and assessed by everyone, including college admissions departments and future employers. This page hosts resources to help guide parents/guardians in raising digitally responsible youth.

Online Safety Family Resources

  • Jamf Parent on All Student Devices

  • A Parent's Guide to Raising Digitally Responsible Youth

  • Common Sense Media

  • From Daily Apps to Dangerous Consequences Event

Digital Safety Management and Anonymous Tip Reporting

  • Through the combined use of monitoring student activity on Lakeville Area Schools iPads and the district's anonymous tip reporting system, Lakeville Area Schools can proactively identify students who are struggling, provide support where needed, and create a safer school environment. These tools are part of our larger, proactive safety and security plan.

Digital Citizenship Lessons

  • Digital Learning and Media Specialists in Lakeville Area Schools support students in grades K-12 to learn how to navigate online, use digital tools for academic success, be safe online, and be well-rounded digital citizens. All students learn grade-appropriate lessons about the following topic areas in alignment with Common Sense Media:

  • Media Balance & Well-Being

  • Privacy & Security

  • Digital Footprint & Identity

  • Relationships & Communication

  • Cyberbullying & Digital Drama

  • News & Media Literacy