Teaching and Learning Services

  • The Teaching and Learning Department is focused on ensuring that every student has access to engaging instruction and the opportunity to excel. The department has five goals:

    • Goal 1: Content Areas – Provide collaborative opportunities for deep analysis of state/national/ACT standards and benchmarks to ensure aligned assessments and engaging, relevant pedagogical techniques to meet the needs of all students.
    • Goal 2: Culturally Responsive Pedagogy – Support the development of culturally responsive practices that ensure high expectations for each student and eliminate achievement disparities through personalized learning.
    • Goal 3: Future-Ready Skills – Deliver professional learning in three strands of Future Ready skills: foundational literacies (literacy, numeracy, scientific literacy, digital literacy, financial literacy, and cultural/civic literacy), competencies (critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration) and character qualities (curiosity, initiative, persistence/grit, adaptability, leadership, social/cultural awareness)
    • Goal 4: Technology & Digital Resources – Deliver high quality professional learning and coaching so that each staff member is fluent in the use of current core technology skills, the implementation of a variety of digital resources, and the inclusion of future-ready competencies in their pedagogy.
    • Goal 5: Teacher Development and Evaluation (TDE) – Provide continuous professional learning in the Teacher Development and Evaluation process, the QComp process and the Charlotte Danielson rubrics to support high levels of student achievement and engagement.


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