• Cherry View Elementary offers a program called Looping, or sustained teaching, in an effort to give parents a program option in how their children are served. In the Looping program, students stay with the same teacher for two years instead of one. It is believed that staying with the same teacher for two years will help maximize time use and provide continuity for the student moving into the second year. The teacher will already be familiar with their student’s social, emotional, and academic needs.  Another advantage of this program is that very little instructional repetition and curriculum overlap occurs, as the teacher would know what had been covered in the previous year.  Finally, parents and teachers develop a closer working relationship over the two-year period.

    Registering for the Looping Program

    If you are interested in having your child entered into the lottery for the Looping Program for the 2022-23 school year, please complete the registration form before April 29, 2022.

Looping Program FAQs

  • What is looping?

  • What are the benefits of looping?

  • Will looping boost standardized achievement scores?

  • Why is looping widely accepted?

  • What if there is a personality clash between the teacher and my child?

  • My child is gifted. Will her abilities be challenged if she/he has the same teacher for two years?

  • Here we go again. Isn’t looping just the latest fad in education?

  • Will my child have a more difficult time saying goodbye to his/her teacher after two years?

  • What happens when my child moves from a looping classroom to a single-year classroom?

  • Is it important to have a choice about sending my child to a looping classroom or to a regular classroom?

  • Are there some children who might not do well in a multi-year classroom?

  • Do move-in students do well in looping classrooms?

  • What qualities are desirable in a multi-year teacher?

  • What will it be like for parents to work with the same teacher for two years?