Welcome to Cherry View Elementary!


    Founded 1992

    Welcome to Cherry View Elementary! We believe all children are entitled to a rewarding and successful school experience, not only as individuals, but also as members of the school group, the community and the nation. Through a nurturing environment, the school program should stimulate all students to achieve their individual maximum potentials and to develop attitudes, skills, interests and knowledge that enable them to become contributing and productive citizens of society.

    As part of Lakeville Area Schools, we hold high expectations for the success and achievement of all our students. Academic success and achievement depend on the combined efforts of students, parents and staff. It is our belief that through this combined effort; our students will receive the best educational experiences that can be provided. If, at anytime, you have a question or a concern, please do not hesitate to stop by or call the office. 

    Our Mission

    We, the community of Cherry View Elementary, will provide a positive and safe environment where self-esteem flourishes and learning is maximized for every individual. We believe in providing world-class, personalized learning to ensure success for every student.

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