Secondary Curriculum

  • Secondary schools in Lakeville Area Schools include grades 6-12. The district has three middle schools, Lakeville Pathways Academy, Lakeville Online Academy, and two high schools with grades 9-12. Students are eligible to be enrolled in Lakeville Area Schools if their legal address is within the boundaries of the school district. Open enrollment information is available by calling the Department of Student Services.

    Middle School and High School Essential Learnings

    The Department of Teaching and Learning provides guidance and support for curriculum, instruction, and assessment for Lakeville Area Schools. Lakeville Area Schools’ curriculum is defined by Essential Learnings. Through the review of research on content, instruction, and assessment and the analysis of state and national standards, staff determine core sets of Essential Learnings for each grade level and course. These Essential Learnings represent what students are expected to know and be able to do in each curricular area. For more information about secondary schools and their curricula, call the Department of Teaching and Learning at 952-232-2019.

    Academic Standards – Grades 6-12

    Lakeville Area Schools adheres to academic standards set by the Minnesota Department of Education. These are a blend of Common Core and state-developed standards. See the curriculum areas below for more information on specific academic standards.

  • Arts

  • English Language Arts

  • Health Education

  • Physical Education

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • World Languages


    Middle School Gradebook

    Due to the middle school schedule changes, adjustments were made to the grading system in Infinite Campus. All middle school courses are following a structure divided into 5 terms. For all year-long, every other day, and every other term classes, progress grades will be ongoing across these terms, contributing to a cumulative end-of-year grade. This modification allows teachers to update earlier grades within one week after a term ends, reflecting a student's progress.

    For classes following a rotation wheel schedule, grades will be posted at the end of each term. This practice enables continuous access for students and families to monitor final grades, not only for rotational classes but also for year-long courses.

    Families will have the ability to track their child's progress in each term and access the overall final grade at any point during the year. The best way for families to access this information is to click on the “grades” in the menu and then click on “All Terms”. This view shows students' knowledge and skills within each term as well as the overarching final grades for all year long, every other day, and every other term classes. The final grade for these courses is cumulative, implying that if term 3 accumulates more points than term 1, term 3 will hold more weight in the final grade. The final grade is the best indicator of a student's knowledge and capabilities at the end of the year, and it is what students and families should consider when assessing a student's overall performance.

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