Elementary Curriculum

  • Elementary schools in Lakeville Area Schools include grades K-5. The district has eight elementary schools. Students are eligible to be enrolled in Lakeville Area Schools if their legal address is within the boundaries of the school district. Open enrollment information is available by calling the Department of Student Services.

    Elementary School Essential Learnings

    The Department of Teaching and Learning provides guidance and support for curriculum, instruction, and assessment for Lakeville Area Schools. Lakeville Area Schools’ curriculum is defined by Essential Learnings. Through the review of research on content, instruction, and assessment and the analysis of state and national standards, staff determine core sets of Essential Learnings for each grade level and course. These Essential Learnings represent what students are expected to know and be able to do in each curricular area. For more information about elementary schools and their curricula, call the Department of Teaching and Learning at 952-232-2018.

  • Academic Standards

  • Local Literacy Plan

  • K-5 Continuous Progress Report

How Do I Get More Information?

  • You may obtain additional information by contacting your child's elementary school teacher, principal or Learning Specialist.

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