Family Martial Arts Classes

  • Martial Arts Can Improve Self Control, Confidence, Concentration, Flexibility & Agility


  • Four children in karate robes Kung Fu

    Kung Fu teaches awareness of self and surroundings and improves self-esteem and confidence. Join a FUN non-competitive, full participation class that focuses on helping students develop leadership, discipline, concentration and coordination skills for a healthy mind and body. Improve your strength, flexibility, agility, and endurance. Learn the lifelong benefits of Kung Fu, the Chinese art of self-defense and fitness, from a Hong Kong champion.


    Come join a local Karate community that is passionate about passing along skills that will improve one’s self confidence, concentration, physical endurance and flexibility. We invite you, your child, or both to come join our group where the development of character is as important as the ability of each member to be able to protect themselves. The Lakeville Club began in 1987 and continues today as a group of members committed to sharing the teachings of Gichin Funakoshi.