Scholarships for Winter & Spring

  • School Readiness is a public school early childhood program that provides early childhood education opportunities and parent support. School Readiness Scholarships for limited spaces in Small Wonders Preschool are available for families with children who are 3 or 4 years old on September 1st of the school year they would attend. Families must meet a variety of risk factors to qualify for a scholarship.

    If awarded, placements in Small Wonders are based on the child and family needs, as well as available openings. School Readiness will do their best to enroll your child, but space is limited. Please inquire and apply early, as waitlists can begin as early as May for the following school year. 

    In order to serve as many children as possible, scholarships are generally for partial day/partial week preschool classes. 

    Children DO need to be toilet trained and tend to their toileting needs independently. This means: no pull-ups or diapers can be worn at school, the child can communicate to teachers and staff that they have to use the bathroom, and are able to use the bathroom without a teacher or staff present. 

    Busing is not provided: parents are responsible for dropping off and picking up their children from school.

    Questions about scholarships can be directed to Kathryn McLaughlin, Early Childhood Family Outreach Specialist.


    Three Year Old Scholarships

    Tuition assistance for academic year placements in Small Wonders Preschool is available to qualifying three-year olds.  Please fill out the application below and return to

    School Readiness Application (English)

    School Readiness Application (Spanish)

    Pathway Scholarships 

    Four Year Old Scholarships

    Tuition assistance for academic year placements for qualifying four-year-olds.  Please fill out the application below and return to

    School Readiness Application (English)

    School Readiness Application (Spanish)

    Pathway Scholarships

    Summer 2024 School Readiness Scholarships

    Summer learning scholarships are available for three and four year olds to attend half-day programs and for students entering kindergarten in Fall 2024. 

    Applications are being accepted until April 20th with placements assigned in the first week of May. *Applications are still being accepted as of June 4, 2024. 

    Priority placement is given to those demonstrating readiness factors and/or financial need. Highest priority is given for students with no prior preschool experience. 

    NO Transportation is provided for summer programs. 

    Small Wonders Alphabet Adventures at Crystal Lake Education Center

    Nine weeks of half-day preschool scheduled for Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursdays.

    For additional information, please visit the Small Wonders Summer Enrichment webpage.

    Summer Kindergarten Transition Program at Christina Huddleston, Cherry View, Lake Marion and Oak Hills

    For students entering Lakeville Kindergarten in Fall 2024 (student must have a completed Early Childhood Screening on file and completed registration for Kindergarten)

    This free summer opportunity is designed to provide fun learning experiences for fall kindergarteners. To help ease the transition to the big new world of elementary school, classes meet in kindergarten classrooms, with kindergarten teachers who provide a balance of early literacy, numeracy and social experiences. Students with readiness factors or little or no pre-kindergarten experience are given priority enrollment starting April 20. After initial placement by readiness factor is complete, other students may be placed into the remaining spots starting May 3.

    Summer Kindergarten Transition Program Application