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    Council members, top row: Cindy Magnuson, Bridget Meyers, Amy Streeter, Anna Olson, Sara Gill, Emily Ost, Morgan McDowell, Taci Gregory, Ryan Henning.  Bottom row: Sarah Higgins, Katie Withers, Betsy Hoeft, Laurie Lawson, Carrie Tacheny, Shannon Grazzini.  Not pictured: Falis Idiga and Lindsay Thomas.


    In alignment with Minnesota Statute  § 124D.13.9 and the ECFE Advisory Council Bylaws Article II, Section 2, Section 2: 

    The Advisory Council assists the District 194 School Board and Community Education Advisory Council in developing, planning and monitoring the Lakeville Area Early Childhood Family Education program. 

    The Advisory Council offers advice and counsel in areas such as program planning, development and funding, needs and resource assessment, community relations, policy development and evaluation and training methods. The Advisory Council also guides and supports the Lakeville Area Early Childhood Family Education program through event planning designed to strengthen the parent/child relationship, fundraising, community involvement and legislative advocacy.

    Level of Authority:  Advisory to the Board of Education and the Community Education Advisory Council. 

    Membership:   Membership shall consist of an appropriate number determined by the Officers. Upon acceptance, members are invited to participate for an initial 1-year (renewable annually) term.   

    This council shall reflect the diversity of our district and shall include:

    • Program staff represented by ECFE Manager 
    • Parents of children birth to grade three shall comprise the majority of the board
    • Community residents with an interest in fulfilling the mission of the ECFE program.

    Selection/Participation/Vacancies:   Program Administration and current Chairperson shall review applications for participation. Those selected will be notified by the ECFE Advisory Council Chairperson and will start their term in May of each year. Any vacancies during a term shall be filled by the same process.

    Meetings:   The Advisory Council shall meet monthly, May through May. No meetings will be held in July or December. Childcare will be provided.  All meetings are open to the public and links for virtual/distance participation are provided.  

    Members are expected to attend all 10 meetings with allowances for reasonable absences.  

    The council will review and provide feedback on the following:  

    • Program Offerings/Catalog
    • Program evaluation: design of participant surveys
    • Outreach events
    • Program Handbook and Policy

    ECFE Advisory Council, April 2022

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