Early Childhood Family Education

Components of Most ECFE Classes

  • Growing Together - For You and Your Child
    Half of each class is devoted to activities planned by a licensed early childhood teacher for parents and children to explore together. Together you can enjoy learning through art, music, stories and a variety of developmental activities. It is an opportunity to learn new ideas, games and activities that you can do at home.

    Growing Independently - For Your Child
    The remaining portion of each class is for children to have fun learning through play using art, movement, games and stories with the licensed early childhood teacher, the classroom assistant and the other children. New friendships are formed and children discover aspects of “me” while they learn apart from you. The goal of the children’s program is to develop a healthy self-concept and a joy of learning.

    Growing Confidently – For You
    While children take part in the children’s program, parents join with other parents in an informal group setting for discussion time led by a licensed parent educator. Being a parent is enjoyable, complex, and at times, stressful. Parents have the opportunity to choose and discuss current family topics, share ideas and concerns and feel encouraged by the support of others.



ECFE Class Locations

  • Crystal Lake Education Center (CLEC)
    16250 Ipava Avenue
    Lakeville, MN 55044

    • A10 Moon Room
    • A11A Parent Ed, Comet Room 
    • A11B Parent Ed, Rocket Room 
    • A12 Rainbow Room
    • A13 Star Room / Sibling Care
    • A14 Sunshine Room


ECFE Family Handbook