Public Comment and Stakeholder Session Guidelines

  • The Board encourages and appreciates hearing from our stakeholders on district-related issues. 

    Participants are expected to treat the Board of Education and other audience members with respect. Participants may be asked to stop speaking if their comments violate any school district policy, which includes personal attacks, vulgar or abusive language, offensive terms that target any specific group, threats or terms that incite violence, and any sharing of personal information about students or staff. We reserve the right to suspend the meeting if participation is deemed malicious or violates these guidelines. 


    Current Ways to Meet with the Board of Education

    Public Comment 

    Public comment provides stakeholders the opportunity to voice their opinions/concerns to the full Board of Education. This gives the Board of Education the chance to listen to and understand stakeholder views. 

    • Public comment will take place once per month before the Regular Board of Education meeting, with the full board present, as they are available. 

    • Stakeholders speaking must arrive on the day of public comment to complete the public comment card by 5:45 pm and must be a qualified stakeholder (District Residents, District Taxpayers, District Students, District Parents/Guardians, and District Staff Members)

    • Comments will not be recorded, but the meeting is open to the public. There will be no board response during the session.  

    • Individual remarks are limited to up to 3 minutes, and the Board reserves up to 30 minutes for the period of public comment (6:15-6:45 pm). 

    • Public comments framed as complaints and/or concerns about students and/or staff are not appropriate at a public forum due to Data Privacy Laws. These types of comments should be addressed to the administration outside of a public meeting. Likewise, complaints about Board of Education members should be privately directed to the Board Chair and/or Superintendent. 

    • No formal action will be taken on a topic presented during public comment.

    • As necessary, the administration will follow up with the appropriate personnel on any concerns that need to be individually addressed. Also, if necessary, the Board will follow up during Board Communications at the next regularly scheduled Board Meeting.

    • Doors will open 30 minutes before Public Comment cards are collected (5:15 pm for a 5:45 pm card collection and a 6:15 pm Public Comment session before a 7:00 pm Regular Meeting.


    Stakeholder Sessions 

    Stakeholder Sessions are a way for Board Directors to hear from stakeholders who would like to voice feedback about Lakeville Area Schools in a smaller setting than Public Comment.

    • Stakeholder Sessions will be held at the District Office on the 2nd Tuesday of the month as of April 2024 (unless otherwise posted on our website) one hour before regularly scheduled Work Sessions. Stakeholder Sessions will be hosted by two to three Board Directors and one member of the Executive Cabinet. 

    • Individuals wishing to engage with the Board Directors must register in advance using the form linked below by noon on the Monday before the scheduled Stakeholder Session. The names and topics of the registrants will not be visible to the public. 

    • Stakeholder Sessions are limited to residents, taxpayers, students, parents/guardians, and staff members of the District. Registrants' addresses, enrollment status and/or employment status will be verified before the Stakeholder Sessions.  

    • Registration will only be for the next regularly scheduled Stakeholder Session. If there are no individuals registered by noon on Monday before the scheduled Stakeholder Session, then the session will be canceled.

    • Please note that participants are expected to arrive at least five minutes prior to the start of Stakeholder Sessions and will be called by random draw from the online pre-registered names. If a registered participant is not present when their name is called, they will forfeit their time. Comments and discussion will be limited to 5 minutes for each individual.  

    • Doors will open 30 minutes before the Stakeholder Session (4:30 pm for a 5:00 pm Stakeholder Session and 6:00 pm Work Session).


    To register for the next Stakeholder Session click here.